Cataldo’s Calvin was the most interesting character and performance. As we learn in the second act, Calvin personified the legendary Jersey Devil. As a Jersey boy myself, my heart desired a reference to this creature lore so the inclusion of this plot point was icing on the cake. With a brooding demeanor and sense of mystery, Cataldo left you wanting more. And that’s a good thing.
-Michael Block, (2019)

The cast delivers fantastic performances, from Pierce’s eager-to-leave Steve and Cataldo’s quietly intense Calvin to Wayne’s pleasingly hard-to-pin-down Pops. (2019)

Brendan Cataldo is touching as Richard and Edward’s wrongly imprisoned brother, the Duke of Clarence, who is murdered in the Tower.
-Lore Croghan, Brooklyn Daily Eagle (2017)

Stauffer and Wadsworth are abetted by three resourceful actors — Brendan Cataldo as the other man in Emilie’s life…
– Jeffrey Borak, The Berkshire Eagle (2013)

Brendan Cataldo plays “Gentleman,” a character who like Soubrette adapts to the roles of father, husband and lover while also taking on many more characterizations as needed including servants, noblemen and others. He does this with the same aplomb as Ankrum.
-J. Peter Bergman, EDGE: Boston, MA. (2013)

Cataldo has an easy charm – and the good looks to match – that works well for the role of that guy who is playing the field, and doesn’t seem to know how to commit. He did a nice job of showing Tim’s growth thru his burgeoning relationship with Annie.
– Ellen Wilson Dilks, Delaware Country New Network, PA. (2013)

Cataldo and Braverman are immensely appealing.
– Tim Dunleavy,, PA. (2013)

However, under McKenna’s direction, Braverman’s earnest, engaging attitude asks for no sympathy, and her sly, self-deprecating manner, the smart humor of McKenna’s lines and Cataldo’s genuine bonhomie elevates this simple script into an delightful evening that’s sweet to its center and ultimately worth every bite.
– Jim Rutter, The Philadelphia Inquirer, PA. (2013)

Brendan Cataldo is excellent as the son who has a small but incredibly important scene near the play’s end.
– Bob Goepfert, The Record-Troy, NY. (2012)

Brendan Cataldo is very good as the scheming fortune hunter Mr. Wickham, who plays an important part in the overall plot.
– Brad Memberto, (2011)

Cataldo- the lying liar who started this mess- works like mad to keep up with the snowballing deception as the doorbell keeps ringing and ringing like some demented portal into comedy hell.
– Chris Silk, (2010)

All of the performers were well cast, but two stood out above and beyond the rest, Dr. Thomas King as the Witch, and Brendan Cataldo as the Father…Brendan has a wonderful voice and knows how to masterfully project it.
– Bill Larson, Clarksville Online (2009)

It’s a moment when Cataldo’s attractiveness and emotional range are in full effect, his eyes are dark pools under the stage lights as he lays bare his affection for Maureen.
– Stacy Leiser, The Leaf Chronicle (2009)

ALTAR BOYZ (American Stage Theatre Company)
Thou Shalt Steal: Altar Boyz is howlingly funny when it embraces pop clichés with shameless abandon, such as the rap number led by Luke (Brendan Cataldo) about Christ and his “12 Member Crew.”
– John Fleming, St. Petersberg Times (2009)

These guys worked. For nearly two hours, and with no intermission in the hot and humid Florida night, they sang, acted and danced up a storm. These guys gave it all they’ve got and did not hold back. Every single one of them is hugely talented, with an impressive theatrical resume.
– Sally Bosco, ARTS NET, Tampa Bay* (2009)

“Fostered Ideal” is an emotionally wrenching, important play, packed tight with excellent performances. You need to see it.
– Chris Smith, The Leaf Chronicle (2008)

ALTAR BOYZ (MusicalFare Theatre)
In this production, MusicalFare Theatre has assembled an able group of singers who know very well how to ham it up to the absolute limit. Like any self-respecting boy band, these actors know their roles well…
– Colin Dabkowski, Buffalo News (2007)

Chavez and Cataldo stole the show at the “Festival of One Acts” earlier this year, delivering the funniest performances this writer has seen on Monteagle Ridge.
– Joshua Maloni, Lewiston-Porter Sentinel (2006)

Additionally, Brendan Cataldo is funny and faint-hearted as the well intentioned Herbie…He very much resembles Dick Van Dyke.
– Joshua Maloni, Lewiston-Porter Sentinel (2005)

Brendan Cataldo is one of the finest actors I have EVER had the pleasure to work with. In addition to being extremely bright, Brendan’s instincts and timing are second to none. His ability to take direction eagerly and graciously makes him a dream to work with. However, what really sets this young man apart is the fact that he is a total TEAM player who puts the production ahead of his own personal needs or wants. This is one terrific actor and an even better person. I cannot wait to work with Brendan Cataldo again.
– Larry McKenna, Writer/Director of Strictly Platonic

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